Line honors and another leg victory


Photo: NIKOS ALEVROMYTIS Back to base in Kalamaki, Sunday, July 27th 2014, 12:00. The 51st Aegean Rally concluded with the competing yachts crossing the finishing line in Cape Sounio where the ancient temple of Poseidon resides.  OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK   was the first boat to cross the line and by doing so the crew knew that
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Winning has never been easy


Ios Island, July 25th  2014, 10:00. Race 4 of the 51st Aegean Rally turned out tough for OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK that managed a 7th and dropped to 3rd overall in the overall standings. The offshore leg from Astypalea to Ios represented sailing in a lake and not in the Aegean Sea end of July.  The very light winds that prevailed and
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Suspense is on.


Astipalea Island, Tuesday July 23rd 2014, 19:00. Race 3 of the 51st Aegean Rally produced major suspense for all competing yachts since the results posted on the scoreboard a while ago prove that the the heat is on. In the 22 nautical mile coastal race in Astypalea, OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK scored a 7th, however still remains
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Winning is always sweet.


Astipalea Island, Tuesday July 22nd 2014, 11:00. OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK scored an ace on the second race of the 51st Aegean Rally from Milos to Astipalea Island and by doing so became the overall leader of the tough regatta so far. The second leg tested the stamina of the Optimum crew that worked restlessly for 11
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50th Aegean Rally-Race 5: Team OPTIMUM scores 5-0!


Yes, we won Race 5 from Koufonissia to Cape Sounio, and by doing that we achieved a record of 5-0, which means that we are the first yacht to win straight out all 5 races in the 50 year history of the Aegean Rally! The OPTIMUM crew did a consevative start in Koufonissia to avoid
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Snakes & Ladders


Milos Island, Sunday July 20th 2014, 09:00. The first race of the 51st Aegean Rally from Piraeus to Milos is over and OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK managed a hard fought 2nd place overall. The first leg tested the patience of the Optimum crew since it took almost 17 hours to reach the finishing line in Milos. The
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OPTIMUM Line-up for the 51st Aegean Rally.


Athens, Wednesday July 16th 2014, 15:00. We are proud to present the OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK  crew for the 51st Aegean Rally and the 20th that Optimum Yacht Racing Team will compete since 1994.  Among the 15 member crew, one can count more than 100 participations in the Aegean Rally, and about 50 podium positions.  Skippers Pericles
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Twenty is enough?


Athens, Thursday July 10th 2014, 14:00. This is the 20th time that Optimum Yacht Racing Team will compete in the  Aegean Rally, the top offshore and most challenging event in the Offshore Sailing Calendar in Greece and one of the oldest and toughest in the Mediterranean.    The Aegean Rally is also unique among sailing
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