Optimum Opportunity only for men under 30!

OPTIMUM Yacht Racing Team is looking for new members to join the team in an effort to decrease the mean age value aboard and increase the “horse power”.

As such, athletic men under thirty years old full of thirst to go racing sailing with a demanding boat and team should e-mail skipper Periklis Livas to express their interest. All you need is to prove your thirst to sail race with OPTIMUM and we don’t mind if you are new to sailing. You are expected to know swimming, be a team player and hold true to your word. All interested men will be interviewed and the chosen ones will sail on board Optimum 3 in racing mode at some point from this weekend on until the end of the season in November. The finalists will be able to become regular team members from the 2014 season onwards. So, if you view it as an opportunity, please send a self promoting e-mail to perlivas@otenet.gr. We suggest you check our team site at www.optimumsailing.gr and “like” our facebook page too…